Thursday, 13 February 2014

Random things I dislike

This has also been published in World of Moms!

What I’ve learnt from the unsaid actions of established veteran bloggers I know is that when you run out of ideas or have a blogger’s block (if that’s legitimate), you make lists. As I’d always have been, I have more things to crib about than to smile at. No, not always, I was a better person as a child. Nevertheless, now. And so, I set out.

1.     Hierarchical baritone

This is serious. I passionately dislike, even hate, people who you can just overhear making a telephonic conversation and you can guess, cent percent, if he or she is talking to someone junior or senior in the social or professional strata. Argh, haven’t your parents taught you manners?

2.     “Oh, so you are a feminist?”

Yes, I fucking am. Very much. And if you are not, you might want to check out its meaning first.

3.     “Don’t talk to me about your kid” people

Don’t talk to me at all, then! Ok, 1..2..3.. calmed down. Let me explain. I talking about something I’m excited about should not mean peer pressure for you. Just like you telling me about your last LBD does not mean I will rush to buy one or sit, sigh and crib. It’s yours, tell me more, very nice, thank you. That’s mine, the kid, I will tell you as much as I think I should, be nice, thank you. Else, let’s catch up sometime else when I have grown over her. If, ever, at all.

4.     “Don’t tell me you’re a working Mom” people

Same reason as above. You tell me your recipes, I tell you my office canteen menu, finish. Else, again, let’s catch up later on, thank you.

PS: Oh wait. No I am neither a single Mom, nor is it because my household won’t run without my paycheck. It because, I am, I fucking am, this way. And, proud to be, that too.

PPS: If you have any concerns about how well my kid is growing up, check it out for yourself. Here!

5.     Socialites.

Because I envy them. Period.