Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My list of Turn-offs

LIST OF TURN-ONs, in case you haven't read it!

As promised, I come with my list of turn-offs in men. Something that will surely interest much fewer, predictably! :/

1.       Stock brokers

There are men. And then, there are men who understand money. Way too much. They understand where money lays egg the best, and the climatic conditions and the hatchery et al. Better than anything.

I understand them very less. Appreciate, lesser!

2.       Decision makers

This one’s tricky. And one of fine balance. There is a kind who makes decisions for you. And those, who jump to conclusions. Well, I don’t like them meek and weak, but then, don’t I just love to blabber too? So, I get itchy when faced with people who’re like – “So, this is this and that is that. Next?”

3.       “Come, fall in love” people

They’ll do all they can. ALL. Online, Offline. Trust me. Only to end with taking an upper hand and saying… well, not saying anything.  Just for the love of it.

Somehow, flirting doesn’t have a clear definition and neither does it fall under sadism. It very well could.

4.       “Girls are from Venus” people

Trust me, we are just normal people. Just for a few anatomical differences. Insignificant they should be, unless you aren’t going to bed or fancying to. And even if significant, under the alternative condition that is, we still are normal people.

And no, it doesn’t contradict the point above. Not at all. You can also be just normal, you know!

5.       Office politicians

Stay away from them. Period.
(If they let you, that is, though.)

Bonus entry:

Leave it. Too many!