Thursday, 11 September 2014

Just Friends - II

I wish I could say to you, we’ll always be friends.

But you must know that we cannot; and why.

When I’ll ever meet you, I don’t think I can take your hand in a light friendly grip and then let go. I cannot but take another step closer and put my head on your shoulder, and stay like that until you move.

But yes, we can avoid seeing each other in person. We can still stay in touch. Of course!

You know what? You need to remember the face of the person you are friends with. But then, I cannot see your face anymore when I try to. I close my eyes, and the soft of your chest covers up my face and my neck and my whole, so that I can see nothing! I only smell your smell.

I tried to think we’d be across a table someday, eating out, catching up on how our lives have been without each other. But I cannot raise the spoon to my mouth. I can only eat with you when you feed me like a mother feeds a child. I’ll go hungry eternally, I think.

I'd always know how much sugar you’d like in your coffee, and which side of the bed you’ll sleep in.

I'd always know what colour you'll choose for your curtains and your t-shirts. And how that will change with your mood.

I'd always know you’d come to watch me sleeping, and even if you don’t I’d still like to believe you did when I wake up. I think I won’t even sleep, so that I can hear your footsteps as you walk in.

I’d always know what you are thinking, when you say you don’t think of me anymore. Or, if you say you do. I’d know if you mean it, when you say either.

How can we ever be friends, then?

But see, I tried. Didn't I?  :)