Friday, 12 September 2014

A strange role-play.

- What is God?

- I don't know. i knew for only those few minutes, that i was very peacefully aware that i hold all the power and i am giving shelter to all these people and they are chanting hymns for me. Not just chanting... they are very happy to have me for their god. A state of total submission.

- What is being God like?

- To be very confident and knowledgeable of the power that you hold.. Which is all the power that is there in the whole of universe.. But neither are others envious of your power, nor are you proud! It’s a very responsible kind of holding power.
…do you believe me?

- I completely do. Can you handle it, the power?

-Thanks :) Yes. That's why i said - knowledgeable, confident, responsible. And at peace with the power

- Was it a happy thing?

- Yes. Both me holding it and that sea of people giving that to me - both the sides were just equally happy about it. But then, I don't know what the next scene could be like. I just lived that one scene.

- If you had died then, would you have died happy?

- Yes. YES.