Monday, 31 August 2015

Keep our trust, Jasleen Kaur.

A rather hastily written out outburst. But I needed to...

With this case of Jasleen Kaur, social media has got its new high. Every morning, the timeline floods with half a dozen articles on either side of the motion. The ones supporting Jasleen Kaur uproar with how women have always been taking it lying down and how now the time has come that we speak up. The other stream cries out on how easy it has got to pose as a victim and gather public sentiment. Many a kangaroo courts hop around us, which, to my mind, aren’t any different than khaap panchayats we read about in daily news. We all seem to know what’s right, we all seem to know the answer, and we all seem to be quite ready to execute what we think is the justice. I wish!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Re-United at the Sea...

This has also been published in Women's Web.

Days are long, bright and sunny -
Silver of water, blue of shades,
Vastness of the world at large -
The commerce, the many trades…