Saturday, 21 February 2015

Mistakes, memories...

This poetry has been published in the anthology "She The Shakti" which can be purchased HERE!

There, the storm -
Winds -
Blow no more.
Sands -
Lie on each other,
Calm - 
Like they never tore.

Waves - there were
Fierce, a’roar.
Stones -
They did turn around.
The mosses try hard
They hide the scratch
The green -
Tower the brown

The storm – A truth;
The waves – They too.
Let a new dawn come.

No less than any else,
Desert, Sand, or this calm.

Is past,
So that you know,
Never may deny.

A past, still,
Is just a past.
A past,
Not a lie!

The memories,
But own you must
It’s you,
The very you - the source.

The right, the wrong,
Or who says what’s what,
Truth, alone, 
Will take its course!