Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Another Woman - Woody Allen - random thoughts

(Non-disclaimer: There are hardly any spoilers in this piece of discussion.)

This is common if I have to guess; you see that woman, typically older than you are - on the street, in the television, or at a party – and from the way she dresses, walks, talks and carries herself, you wish fleetingly that when you’re of that age, you’d like to age like her.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Blue Jasmine - Woody Allen - a film review

Well, let’s make a confession right as I start – I am kind of new to Woody Allen. Yes, how-much-so-ever uninitiated - illiterate if you would - this may sound. In fact, to confess, I had only watched “Annie Hall”, “Love and Death” and “Everything you wanted to...” before this. I did like all of them, but of course for what they were due for – that queer sense of humour, that slapstick humour, that oblivious not-that-I-care-much-for-you-but-can-we-still-sleep kind of weird humour. Humour, if at all!

Among those, I was stupid enough to form a vague guess about Allen and his film-making orientation, style and restrictions, particularly around the subjects he covered and stories that he chose to tell.

This, Blue Jasmine, my fourth of his, changed that. And how!

Sunday, 22 February 2015


- তুমি সুখ উপলব্ধি করেছ?

- করেছি তো।

- সত্যি বলছ?

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Unfaithful - a film review

Okay! Here, to break the jinx of non-blogging for quite a while, I start again.

A film review, or rather a film evoked rants, to go.


So, as far the storyline goes, it’s known to most, and yet, worth a quick recap for the interest of some.
A wife, apparently well settled into an eleven years old marriage with a eight year old living proof for a boy-kid, busy and lonely perhaps just as most at her age and standing would be, steps into that infamous pit that society calls adultery. She bumps into this stranger one fine stormy afternoon, joins him for coffee, and thereafter for sex the next day and every other days thereon. Husband starts with getting an inkling, investigates, finds out, and then, confronts. No, not with the woman but with the lover. The confrontation that starts so well that it could even dig into the profound “why” and take the issue (no, not problem! Issue.) by it’s horn, however, unfortunately, rather, turns into a murder scene as the husband loses control over what he was meant to do and hits the guy on the head with a gift  that he gave her and then she gave him in turn. The rest of the movie becomes a matter of eventual mutual knowledge, that they know that they know, and of course, police. It ends with a note where a peaceful kid sleeps in the car backseat while the couple, musing over how their rest of life could be a beautiful escapade, both term as important, pulls up their car outside the police station and kisses passionately as the traffic signal goes from red to green to yellow, back to red.

Mistakes, memories...

This poetry has been published in the anthology "She The Shakti" which can be purchased HERE!

There, the storm -
Winds -
Blow no more.
Sands -
Lie on each other,
Calm - 
Like they never tore.

Waves - there were
Fierce, a’roar.
Stones -
They did turn around.
The mosses try hard
They hide the scratch
The green -
Tower the brown