ELIXIR - The Book!!!

I have a lot to catch up on, with my blog readers... For yes, Elixir has now hit the market, out from the confines of my study, waiting for you to take your turn to pick it up and read!

First, here's the Amazon link - http://amzn.in/an4Cofk



Now that the marketing cap has been worn and removed, here's coming to the starry-eyed fan-girl moment. And guess what?

ELIXIR got launched at the Valley of Words International Literature and Arts Festival, at Dehradun, where I was invited as the Keynote Speaker too. That's all you think? NO! ELIXIR was launched by... (breathe in, breathe out)... none other than Anita Agnihotri, a writer I have grown up reading as a child!

Okay, now...

The upcoming plans are these!!


Please feel free to share and spread the word. More the merrier!! :)

2. KOLKATA LAUNCH - 5 January, Friday, Starmarks at Quest Mall.

(poster will come s-o-o-n...)

3. BANGALORE LAUNCH - last weekend of January

(details are firming up slowly and steadily)

ELIXIR needs all the love and luck from you, and more. Please by the book. Please share the word. Please feed me back once you have read it, or even if you have just about begun to read it. And finally, review it on Amazon.

Helping a first time author never hurts. Who said that? Why, I just did. See?

See ya!!! :) :) :)

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