Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Re-United at the Sea...

This has also been published in Women's Web.

Days are long, bright and sunny -
Silver of water, blue of shades,
Vastness of the world at large -
The commerce, the many trades…

The wonder of the worldly sights,
Ripples, surfs, cacophonous day -
Make not a mark upon me,
Not a scratch that I may say.

Dry of sands, moist of farms,
Lay spread, long and wide.
A thin, thin path stretched out -
I could walk it down on either side.

On one side is a life that was,
It has but some lights and shadows.
The other side, one that could be -
Green and luring, sun-kissed meadows…

I have a choice, a choice that can
Decide for me, which road to take -
Storms, waves, breezes and shelters,
A journey or a fateful wreck…

And the moon-rays bloom, rise and shine,
Blessed and solitary, many a night -
Looking back - the long-lost moments,
The wrong what was, become a right.

Trough floats, with all its lows,
Come the crest, come the high,
One horizon to another,
Waves ripple, life goes by…

Throw you may - away, afar,
The Sea but comes, the Sea gives back
And when you give all of you to it,
It gives you that, for what you lack.

A longing for a place, I craved -
It was lonely, homeward bound -
Melody sank the tides, the waves,
Love afloat - lost and found.

And then I see, I see us come,
For all that matter, for all that are -
Our souls - blessed and bathed in glory,
Arise, embrace, joined in prayer.

(Pic Source: Internet)