Thursday, 24 October 2013


Once an angel came in my dreams. She asked me to choose. Between a certain road and a certain pathway.

-      So, describe them to me.
(I demanded.) 

-      Well, the road is defined. Clean, wide, demarcated. It has iron railings on the sides, which says that you could be cornered but you will still be saved. But, in case you want to reach out to the world across the railings, well, the railings are too high for that. The road has signage, that would tell you which way to go. It may at times even give you an option. But in most cases, the options would lead to similar roads.

The pathway, on the contrary, is mystic. It does not show you much from a distance. It can therefore only be travelled, not guessed.

-      Well, how soon will I reach?

-      Okay. The road has speed limits. It will be fun to overtake each other. Speeding beyond limit could take its toll, but you would not realize that until you crashed. In fact, you may never crash as well.

The pathway is made in stones and pebbles, and the grass covering it bears tiny grass-flowers that could die if you stepped on them. So, nobody speeds on the pathway. They would rather hold hands and walk. At times, they would even forget where they were going. Hardly has anyone ever crashed against each other there.

-      Ah. So this is confusing. How is the weather?

-      It rains the same on both the road and the pathway. The Sun shines the same hard as well.

However, people on the road generally cope better. They has, well, a drainage system, and a few shades. The pathway is all bare to the flames and the rains.

-      So, the road is better, you say?

-      No. I never said that.

-      Then, the pathway?

-      I never said that, as well.

(Clearly, this angel isn’t as helpful as angels should be!)

-      Which one is the happier one? Which one is more successful?

-      Ah, is that a single question? I am afraid, not!

(Smiled the Angel. Bitch!)

-      Well, which one did ‘you’ choose?

-      I am an angel, no?

(Yeah. Lucky!)

-      What if I cannot make a choice?

-      Well. Then, the road chooses you! The road is overbearing you see; and the pathway will easily let you go.

O yes, I know! You must be still deciding. Well, so am I. Only, time is running out. Fast.