Sunday, 23 February 2014

Heart-melt moments - 1

- Mum, amake nie jao. 

She does it often; crawls her way from the bed to the dressing table top and jitters to come back alone given the gap between the two pieces of furniture that had once trapped her little feet.

I, as is usual, had other priorities, sitting crosslegged with a book and a tea cup, the quilt pulled upto my bosom.

- Ami parbona. Tumi okhane gele keno? Baron korechhilam na?

Silence for a while. A while long enough for me to kind of forget that she even asked me.

Until the soft sad voice murmurs..

- Jodi pore jai, tahole ki hobe? Tahole to tumi amake khujei pabena. 

A few seconds of pause, and then..

- Chinta koro na. Ami to ei fnaktar modhyei pore jabo. Khat-ta ektu shoriye dilei amake dekhte peye jabe. 

(Why are you so good to me? Why are you so cruel, re?)