Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 4 - My dream job

Erm.. Could I, say, well.. get up each morning whenever and only if I wish to?

And then, there would be four beautiful maidens, dressed in Victorian clothes, carrying tubs of rose-water (petals floating. Don’t forget the petals.) to my bed so that I could do the necessary hygienic acts of the mortal world.

Breakfast should be illustrious, and I am sure you can work on the menu without me having to step in.

Won’t you?

Then, well, I’d like some story books. With music playing in the background.

And with steaming tea, of course!

(Of course I can’t take the pain to choosing which one of each – you’d have to read my mind and keep the supply handy, of course.)

When I’d be bored, I may like a walk, or a shower. Or a nap. I’ll see!

Lunch should be sumptuous. I could take turns between Mughlai, Chinese, Royal Bengal (no, not tiger), Mediterranean and, um.. Continental.  Italian would do, but only for snacks. We’d come later to that bit.

Of course, some more music, movies, books, etc after that. After some playtime with Dhopash.

Evening – snacks could be arranged in an array for me to choose. I want the phuchka a li’l less spicy than usual. The double egg double chicken roll should be of the Hot-Kati order. So much for now.

Some more music, movies, books. They should sync with the snack in a way Bengalis understand. That is, if it's Luchi alurdam, I'd like some Georgeda, and if it is Mughlai Parota, some hip-hops please. 

Some writing and painting, on certain romantic-weathered days.

Then dinner. Wait, you must not repeat anything I’ve already had over the last ten meals.

Of course, my Swiss Bank account calls should also be managed by Finance, and the grocery list by Admin. HR should take care of my friend list, on days I’d like to talk to people.

Et al.

Better, could I just have a wand?