Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 9 – What is in my wallet?

1.       Money.

And I don’t ever know how much. I can’t even make a decent guess. I just know when it starts to look empty which is when I walk downstairs towards the ATM machine.

2.       ATM Card.

Of course!

3.       Credit Card.

Yes, just one. Trust me, just one. I do not understand why anyone may need more than one of these.

4.      Lip Balm, comb, safety-pins, rubber bands, a clutcher or two.

Girl-things. If you don’t understand, you aren’t one!

5.       Pepper spray.

Yes. Of course!

6.       Mobile phone.

Occasionally, when I do not forget it back home.

7.       A diaper.

Yes, Dhopash is all grown up now, but still. Just in case.

8.       Band-aid, crocin, combiflam, pudinhara, volini spray, etc.

Perks of being on the other side of thirty, you see!

9.       Home keys, office keys, office ID card, et al. Uninteresting but crucial stuff.

10.   A chocolate bar.