Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Day 24 - What attracts me on love

Let's admit, I possibly didn't get the question right.

But as some teachers once told me, if you still have time, never leave a question unanswered. Write something, even if you aren't too sure.

I love the idea of love. The ache, the insomnia, the deprivation, the envy, the insecurity - all of it. I suffer, but not that I'd wish it away.

Like everyone else, or mostly everyone, I have had my share of small and big crushes. Of the grown-up years of my life, I've been in and out. I've been to reserved or shy enough to let it pass, I've been shameless enough to drop hints at every chance, I've been hypocrite enough to admit it not even to myself,  I've been coward enough to shudder away and then give in.

But all in all, it's worth it all!

Too serious, eh? :)