Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 10 - Best trip of my life

By my own standards, I have been to quite many places in India. That obvious perk of staying at the north of the country. (Of coursw, a long wish-list still awaits, but still.)

I have been to many a known, half-known and almost unknown hill stations on the lap of the Himalayas, to which almost nothing else can compete, me think! I have been to the forts, palaces and the dunes of Rajasthan, and spent a New Year eve amongst the brightest star studded night a midst infinite stretches of sand, camping fifty kilometers away from the city of Jaisalmer, just to give you an idea. For the seas, the best till date has been the blue waters of the Konkan coastline, bordered by white powder sand, and we’d spent all morning chasing the gangs of seagulls. Somehow, I found that more endearing than the blue sea of Mauritius.

So you know, choosing one of all of them could really be a challenge. But then, it didn't take me long to zero down on this one.

Kashmir – the paradise on earth!

Let's keep it simple. Let's just do a quick photo-trip here.

Dal Lake, before wake-up hours

And afar, the hills... 

Our house-boat

And our li'l shepherd, at Pahalgam

Gondola, at Gulmarg

Horses, at Sonmarg


A lazy float on Dal Lake

Pahalgam - a li'l friend with his BFF

The shops of Srinagar - Icecream-wala

The shops of Srinagar - Photo Studio

Oh how I loved thee and never thought of cooking!


Atop the hill, Sonmarg

And at the bottom of it...

A water stream, random, at Pahalgam...

Dal Lake, again...

Water - skiing. Simple, isn't it?

You know!

Dal Lake, yet again.

On the cliff - Gulmarg

The shops of Srinagar - Mattress-wala



Sonmarg. And yes, I can ride two horses at once!

Ah the sunset!

I can, I can! 

He can, too, it seems.

Shalimar Bagh

Ahem 1

Ahem 2

Ahem 3

River Sindh!