Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 11 - My 10 favourite foods


Now, this one is my kinda thing. And here I go!

1. Mutton biryani. Kolkata style. With a boiled egg and a well-boiled potato.

2. Phuchka (not panipuri, not golgappa.)

3. Fish - almost all kinds. Name them, and I'll rank-order them for you. And yes, prawn inclusive.

4. Pork belly stew. Double fried pork. Pork of any kind, cooked of course.

5. Kathal (ripe jackfruit), lichu. Mango, if served in ready to eat manner.

6. Ghee- bhat. With thinly-cut crisply-fried alubhaja.

7. Machher dimer bora. Machher teler bora. Muttoner chorbir bora. (Sorry, can't be translated!)

8. Double egg double mutton roll. Double chicken will do as well.

9. Sea-food. If any of it has been excepted in point no. 3.

10. Desserts. Can't list!