Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 2 - 20 facts about me!

Now, now. Okay, let's!

1. I am a hopeless romantic. Yes, I admit to it.

2. I can't tell if I am an introvert or an extrovert. I try!

3. Similarly, I can't tell many things about myself. Maybe what I can safely say is that I often contradict and confuse myself, and react  to similar situations quite differently.

4. I am talkative. Very. But only when the company is of choice.

5. I can't make small talks. At all.

6. I suck at social gatherings. Parties are nightmares!

(Now you see what I was trying to say at number 3.)

7. I can take harsh words. Kind ones get me sobby.

8. I am a terrible decision maker. I am no decision maker at all!

9. I perhaps should have done some of the things I didn't do, as I feel now.

10. I am mortally scared of clever people. Perhaps because I cannot match up to them!

11. Life is a lot about who blinks first. I realise now.

12. I think I have superlative reasoning skills. Often, the listener gets convinced more than me myself.

13. I am an actuary. I am left with just one paper to fellowship for last three years!

14. I started painting at 32, and do that at an average of a 4 months' gap. (Oh, I am 33 now)

15. I started blogging at 32.5. This, I do much more often. You can see!

16. I don't plan my parenting approach. I do what I feel like. Really.

17. I can't get enough of Dhopash. I don't scold her almost ever. I cuddle her like she's a newborn, everyday. I am spoiling her, perhaps. But no regrets!

18. I have the most amazing father and the most amazing daughter in the world. I mean it.

19. No, I never say it to him. I say it to her often (not that she fully understands!)

20. Finally, I am still to discover WHAT is that one thing will make me really happy in life. Seriously!