Saturday, 23 August 2014

What makes me happy!

These are a few of my favourite things...

Sports activities... you know!

Cliff jumping


Bunjee jumping 


Cricket, erm!


.....and then, for a change,

Staying in hotels such as this... with three walls for glasses overlooking the sea!

Visiting a church... 

Musing by the sea, all by myself...

Quite time with Nature...

But not quite!

Old pals!

Ice-creams, of course!

Jewelry, for a buy (hardly for a wear)

Snugging a puppy!

Puppies, puppies... (do you think they'll let me keep me one, ever?)

Hogging... Hogging...

Let loose, once in a while!

And making it up with a peaceful napping (snapping) on a hammock... (I know it's torn, but nevermind!)


And rivers!

Such as Jhelum, at Pahalgam.


And fishing...

Enough said!

But this. O yes!

Swimming pools, at standing heights!

Holidaying :)

Paint my walls (I can't afford a painter, but that's fine!)

Or, when I run out of walls, paper...

Or, wood.

Or, after running out of everything, watch Dhopash paint.

And playing colours, otherwise as well!

An occasional dance recital. Occasional, as in, once in twelve years!

These days, it extends to watching Dhopash perform too...

Playing with Dhopash, despite my spine!

Kids - more, the merrier!

 Hear Dhopash strum and sing all at once...

Watch 'em play! 

- do -

When both of us read, peaefully!

Or when she is at her easel...

See her perform...

Or just catching up, about the cruel, cruel world...

Reading, of course!

...and, of course, SNOW!!