Thursday, 13 March 2014

Musings... 3

Someday, I promise myself, I will love me.

I will give me my dues, I will let me be myself. I will unwind, I will rest, I will let go. I will learn to put me ahead.

I will stop to pretend happy when I won't be. I will let me cry once in a while. Or, as much, as me wishes.

I will call out, I will call off, I will call a bluff. I will let me fly.

I will giggle with me. I will look at the mirror and smile just to see how I look when i do. I will pamper me, empathise with me, support me unconditionally.

I will let me in peace, and in ecstasy. And in sorrow, I will pat my hair and put me to sleep.

I will look for me. I will look at me. I will look after me.

One day, someday, I will ask me what I can do for me, and then, do it. Shamelessly, selfishly.

Someday. Oh yes, someday. I will love you, Me. I promise!