Saturday, 19 April 2014

All that you can give me...

This poetry has been published in the anthology "She The Shakti" which can be purchased HERE!

What could you give me, you ask?

Well, here's my list -

Give me a full-moon that will see me sleep like a child a nightlong sleep, interrupted only by happy dreams that hang at the corner of the lips as an unaware smile.

Give me a sunrise that will wake me up bright and fresh the morning next, looking forward to the day for once. Tell me it's me you woke up for.

Give me raindrops. We will make puddles and never regret how much bigger the sea is.

Grant me a wish - tell me I can remain. That the world will change if need be, but not me. Because, you will define the world that way.

Give me a story - the best you'd ever write, the best that will ever be. Tell me I am that girl. Tell me I am the one you will choose to write stories about, twenty years from now.

Give me a boon. Let me live like we'll live forever.

Let me live like we'll die tomorrow.

You know, what that means! Don't you?

And, until then, do not give me anything. ANYTHING. Please!

What's the point, pray?