Saturday, 20 August 2016

A small step "Together"

It had all began with a rather morbid news, that a 4 year old was sexually assaulted. I was not too surprised that it happened, to be honest. I was shocked, rather, to imagine how many must be happening behind the curtain, unnoticed, unreported, unacknowledged just so that one piece among them could surface up to grab half a column on the daily news. The groups on social media were flooding with demands and disputes around school's intervention in matters of CCTV, female attendant, while I was cringing to think how the 4 year old never came back home to tell it to her mother, because she was either scared or didn't even know it was wrong...

I had put forward an outcry which was more at spur of moment than was purposeful. I had asked if we could arrange a workshop to tell kids and parents what they should know! But they gave me hope, and shoulders. The enthusiasm since last week was absolutely heartening. What was just a musing became an idea, and then a purpose. We formed a team, and we named ourselves "Together". We stole our kids crayon boxes and made posters while they were away at school. We painted the mailboxes and WhatsApp groups red... 

And then, this is what happened today!

We got tremendous participation and reaction from these dozens of tiny soldiers and their parents alike on our workshop themed on "Touches" They took back some lessons, and left behind some promises. They said they'll take care of themselves and others, and they said they'll Shout-Run-Tell too!

It began with the heat of the moment indeed, but the warmth that it gathered is evident from the snippets from our amazing morning!

Watch. Share! And if you think we can be of any help, reach out... We're just a comment away!