Friday, 3 January 2014

Love - Labour - Lost

"Sun in the earth sunflower,
Bird in the air, rain
Eye within eye, daybreak...
Streets we have never walked on
Windows we have never opened
Hands we have never held
Dreams we shall never, never, see again...
Sun in the earth sunflower,
Bird in the air, rain
Eye within eye, daybreak..
Life we have never lived
Hopes we have never realised
Fires we have never lit
Love we shall never, never, make again
A thousand desires such as these
A thousand moments to set this night on fire
Reach out and you can touch them
You can touch them with your silences
You can reach them with your lust
Rivers mountains rain
Rain against the torrent hillscapes
A thousand a thousand desires such as these
I loved rain as a child
As a lost young man
Empty landscapes bleached by a tired sun
and then suddenly it came like a dark young woman
Her eyes scorched my eyes
Her body wrapped itself around me like summer without end"

You were one of your kind. You were strange, very strange. You confused me.

But then, you were worth it. All of it. Worth all the pain. Worth all the ecstasy. Worth all the confusion.

No, I was not unmoved. Every time I said so, I was lying, gritted teeth.

I am fortunate to have known you. And, to have given you up. Willingly.

And, well...

Thank you! For everything.