Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How a Crisis "Transfers" into Happiness - with #TATASkyTransfer

* This post is written as a part of  #TATASkyTransfer contest.

It was a state of national level crisis at my den. Yes, you heard me right - National Level Crisis! 

Well, we had to, had to go! Because – as Mom claims - it was a matter of sentiments, a matter of family tradition, a matter of… whatever! And so, we’d have to go – to this great grand big fat ceremonious annual family get-together! 

And then, there were too many things lined up that we – at the same time - could not afford to let go. Like, it was the Masterchef India Season 4 finale, and my grandmother would not trade it for her life. And then, the Cat in the Hat series from Dr. Seuss on PBSKids is something that my sister’s 6 years old daughter keeps her calendar marked on. She would not give it up, and was ready to go the way of a hunger-strike to get her way with her Mom. My Mama, well, they say he used to play cricket quite well in his own hay-days. A lifelong athlete that he was, after the stroke, his only connection with the game has come down to watching cricket matches on television, something that works on him like a lifeline. He had spelled it out loud and clear – that, he could not afford to miss the IPL match. And of course, last but not the least, I had my own agenda. They’d show “The Time Traveler’s Wife” on HBO, and this was one movie I had looked for and could not find for months together at every nook and corner of the city. “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is that one rare, favourite novel that I held close to my heart and I was absolutely sure I did not want to give it a miss this time that it will come on television.

Dad has rather been quiet, and so has been Mom. It’s perhaps because of Bhaiya! Bhaiya left home the night before yesterday after yet another row of heated debate. Mom and Dad still could not come to terms with it. I don’t blame them either! But then, what would Bhaiya do? For how long can he pretend that everything is good and that life is happy, when, every single minute since the time he spoke to them about it, they had literally been treating him like an alien from another planet? To be honest, I really do not know how to fix this! Perhaps, only time can heal…

We were, however, to make it to the get-together. As I said, we had to!

It was about a week before the day of the get-together. Till then, I had only heard about it. That day – I made up my mind to give it a try. Anyway, since the time my first salary cheque had come in, I had been wondering what I could buy which would be new, unique, special. I wanted to surprise everyone, I hoped for that one ray of light from what seemed to me a long, dark tunnel, thanks to these recent complications in our family that has practically hit each of us quite bad. I did not want to buy dresses of goodies – no! I wanted to do something different, something special. As I sat at lunch absentmindedly thinking about what to buy, this showed up like a miracle on the television screen across the office cafeteria.

Bingo! Within my budget, a one-size-fits-all model - this was exactly what I needed at that point in time! And, given how this upcoming get-together clashed with so many of our favourite television shows, this idea practically appeared to me like a wish come true!

As I returned to my desk, I browsed a bit to understand it better. And then, when I had almost made up my mind on the affirmative and was about to pull out my credit card from the wallet, I came across THIS -

Whoa! This was eerily similar. Each character seemed to have been featured on my very own home, my own family! Ha!!

In the next fifteen precise minutes, I was done with the credit card swipe, followed by fixing up the installation time over the phone. And, there you go!


I kept it under covers until the day actually arrived. I could see it on their face, as they half-heartedly prepared to leave. It took me only a few minutes to set it up – and there you are! I set it up with all the program I wished to save for us to watch later. Then, I finally look up the newspaper once more, just to check if I missed something. Wow! They were going to show “Memories in March” in the evening on Zee Cinemas. Oh, I so loved this film. And, as I was setting it up, another hope flashed my mind. Maybe this will do the trick, somehow?

We returned home late night after the get-together, fatigued, eager to retire to our rooms. But I had some other plans! “Guys… I have something to share!” – I raise my voice slightly while they are still in the living room. “I know we’ve missed out a lot today, haven’t we?” I look around at the surprised pairs of eyes. I continue: “So tomorrow, we all deserve a treat, I’d guess! And here’s the plan. Right after breakfast, our matinee show will start on my iPad. Daadi – your Masterchef show, Mama – your T20 match. Chhotu – your Cat in the Hat is right here, too. And then, Mom and Dad – I want you to watch this movie I have saved for you. “Memories of March” I won’t say much, but I’ll just say that I hope you’d have a better picture of things, of Bhaiya, once you have watched the movie. Won’t you?” I smile at the surprised faces. I bid them a happy “good night” and move to my room.

Nope, I won’t sleep. How can I? Isn’t it now time for my “The Time Traveler’s Wife”?

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