Monday, 17 November 2014

Tooth fairy - Episode 1

Myra was newest of the lot, and youngest. It was her first assignment. A little girl of nine had lost her one of her teeth last night, as said the record-book. She was fend to fetch it against a surprise token of 10$ for gift.

She was also nine years old herself , but she had never known what losing teeth could be like. Fairies do not lose tooth, her Mom had said when she asked.

It was a stormy night, and soon as she got going down the clouds, the clouds changed their colours to grey and then to black. They roared in thunderstorm and burned in  lightening, and little Myra lost her way. But then, she was a brave, little girl, and she never wanted to return home unsuccessful on her very first assignment. So, she held out her little wand to show her the path, and kept climbing down her way. The clouds she stepped on were quickly melting and forcefully dripping down their way to the earth in loud, deafening splatters. She kept moving, careful from the electric of the lightening and the turmoil of the water waves as the clouds hit against each other with roaring vengeance.

She finally found her way to the earth.

She landed on the rooftop of the house and then crawled down from the sun shade. She quietly slipped her way through the window pane. It was an easy task for a fairy, though her Mom told her that humans cannot do the same. They cannot pass through the opaque and have doors to houses to let them get in and out of them. Funny, she thought to herself.

She tip-toed to the inside of the house. From the little she could make out, it looked like an old house with many rooms. The record-book said it's a red brick-house, double-storeyed, with pictures of sun and rainbow on the walls of the room where the girl sleeps. There, that way seemed the bed-room; though it was all dark and she couldn't really be sure. She could neither make out the colour of the wall or the paintings, if any, on them.

But then, she could not return empty hands, could she? - she told herself yet again. And so, she stepped further into the house.

Clink! Sounded something metallic, as she stepped on it. Oh, she go to be more careful! She took a few more cautious steps, slower this time.

She finally entered the room. In the flash of a lightening she could make out a large bed positioned at about the center of the room, and a small bed-side table just beside it. She could also vaguely make out a short human figure cuddled on the bed, tucked in a blanket, deep asleep.

She slowly stepped towards the table. Maybe this's where she should start from. There, a glass jar filled with water, and through it shines what she has been looking for. Oh, it's such an easy job! -  she eagerly steps forward and grins to herself.

She quickly wears her hand gloves, brings out her silk pouch, puts the shining white enamel into it and zips her purse. Before she tiptoes back and steps out of the window, she doesn't forget to leave the precious 10$ note in a pink envelope atop the pillow on which the girl is fast asleep. There, her job is done! She gallops her way up the clouds, smiling ear to ear at her first success.


Sneak-peek into Episode 2...

It isn't until the next morning that she realises it!..........................................