Monday, 17 November 2014

Teenyweeny Series: Over Coffee!

The alarm went off in it's soothing, tinkling tone. It rose in volume over the moments it was left to ring, until he finally gave in.

He opened his eyes to the bright blue morning and turned to his side. Either side. He now slept right at the middle of the bed, and enjoyed the space on either side. The barrenness, the freedom.

He patted the pillow cover straight, and then stretched his hands to tuck the corners of the bed-sheet towards his head. This was a regular affair before he left his bed everyday.

On his way to the washroom, he picked up his toothbrush from its stand, laid a thick layer of toothpaste atop it and carried it along.

Fifteen minutes later he came out, leaving behind the gushing sound of water that filled the cistern back. 

He now moved towards the kitchen. Collected the saucepan, poured some water in it, reached out to the upper row of the kitchen rack for his mug and the row below that for a spoon to mix things with. He got the milk from the fridge. The other ingredients were laid neatly in bottles, clearly marked by their contents, one beside another, on the base of the window right next to the oven.

He made himself a cup of coffee. He carried the mug to the living space and laid himself on the easy-chair, legs stretched, slowly sipping in it. Like every day.


The care he took, the attention he gave, the touch that warmed these left behinds - the pillow cover, the bed sheet, the toothbrush holder, the fridge, the kettle, the oven, and even the chair that he sat upon - if only he could spare some of it on the one who actually left them behind, they wouldn't have been left behinds at all.


Over coffee... wasn't that how they had met, exactly a decade back? - She sighed a smile, musing over this, a coffee cup in her hand, his picture printed all over it.