Friday, 17 March 2017

Pursuits and Conflicts!

Personally, I've mostly shirked off when it ever came to discussing Mindfulness, Meditation and the higher order of things, even though I have spent a good part of my last two years embarking on the journey along these paths. While we easily talk about mental illness, we are wobbly when it comes to talking of mental wellness. The field of Positive Psychology, as much as I have explored, hands out more tools and techniques than awareness and insights.

I took several courses, read several books, attended several workshops and debated several ideas. I even spent several, several hours meditating, well trying to at least, and several days of Silent Contemplation. As it goes, it is about Knowing - Believing - Becoming, and so it is only when you "become" through active internalisation of your chosen methods of thinking that you are anywhere beyond where you have always been.

I am on my way!

And yet...

And yet, like most others, I too have my own space of conflicts and reconciliations. I balance and misbalance my weights in two hands - my Spiritual Pursuits on one and hardcore Psychology studies, Mental wirings, deconstruction and re-creation of my ideas around Social reforms esp around Gender issues along with the higher senses, on another. Art versus Science, Philosophy versus Activism. I have fallen apart from the righteousness and rigidity of my old feminist friends who in pursuit of their goals stopped asking questions and thought they know answers they'd now like to teach. I have also given up on stricter regimes of Spirituality that often fall in traps of rituals over reasons. I have been trying to find my middle ground, my own thin rope walk...

Now, why such a long drag, why such a confused trail of thoughts?

Because, somewhere, the twain need to meet. Yes, they do!

I just came across THIS VIDEO.

It seemed to me to address what is perhaps what they call "the call of the day". I'd watch out. And so I also wanted to share this with others who may stop by this post. Like always, I want to know your thoughts, too.