Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Vipassana - The Art of Introspective Calm

Even though I've been out of Silence for a while now, I'm still not quite as out of it as I always was when I didn't know it exists and how. My self-exile was my best gift, and I still do not know who it was from; I don't care to know either.

Only, often nowadays, I miss my tiny caterpillar friend who kept me company over the entire stay. I'd rush to watch it at every hour of the day, at every break, as it weaved its way around the green and orange young leaves to make itself the home that will become, later, its wings as it becomes something else. We call that 'something else' a butterfly, but does it know that; or, does it even know we call it a caterpillar, and its home a pupa? It couldn't care less! It just twisted its way away around the plant, preparing to find its next hiding place for me to find it out as I'd come back to it after a while. When at the end of it all my five years old came to take me back the early morning next, I took her hand and rushed to find it one final time and together; but it was gone. I told her how it peeped out from the end of its pupa when it wanted to chew more leaves, which is almost always unless it was sleeping. I'm sure my earlier me would've been happy for it that it now probably became a butterfly and fed on honey instead, but the newfound me knew that it was just as happy being a caterpillar already!

And guess what? The best part of what I say here in this post is that it is not a fiction. Ten days of Noble Silence, of speech, body and mind.

How was it, you ask? Well, it is rather easy to describe, more so in one word. Inexplicable!

PS: Never exactly planned to break Silence over it, but as they say - old habits die hard! :)