Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Can you see me?

Today was otherwise just a normal day, you see! I woke up in the morning as usual. I went to the wash-basin right after I woke up, picked my toothbrush and laid a layer of paste on the bristles. I must have looked up at the mirror expecting my puffy eyes to show up. Did they? I hardly noticed. If I did, it should have struck me right then.

But it was later, much later. It was when I was out of the shower, and that was when I generally don't dare even glancing at the clock as I would always run too late everyday around that time. I made my way to my dressing space and faced the life-size mirror on the wall as I combed my hair furiously so that strands tore out. And then, suddenly, my hand froze.

I could not see myself in the mirror. 

Where did I go? Rather, I was there, right there. But no, not in the mirror.

I rushed to the kitchen, where my part-time maid was doing the dishes, while the full-time one was at the vegetables. "Listen," I called out, and, guess what?

Yeah, right! Nobody listened!

“Can you see me?” - No answer!

“I’m not going to give you extra tasks, please listen!!” – I plead with them. They, well, don’t listen.

But, who takes chances?

“Would you want some salary advances?” – I push my luck. No!! “Would you like to take that frying pan, that pressure cooker? I discarded soe clothes…” – Nope!

So I give up, and walk to the other room. 

Oh boy, look at that! My husband is tying his tie the wrong way just as he does every time.. It irritates me so bad, that I somewhat forgot the reason I was here for. So I just pushed away the chair on the way to reach to him and yelled - "Oh, just give it to me!"


“Can you see me?”

He doesn't hear, or pretends not to. 

 reminds me what I am here to test, and fear grips me again. "Hey, can't you hear me?" I shout at a hundred decibels higher than normal, only to go without a response yet again. "Can you not even see me?" - this time, my voice trembles a bit. A lot, actually. And then, I go quiet. Just as he and the whole house around me is.

There is no reply!

Wait. Wait a sec! - I tell myself, as I walk back to my study, aimlessly and tensed. The wall-clock ticks away to a dangerous number on it, which means I am really, really late already.

But then, does it matter in case I do not exist at all!

Wait! I mean, how come? How can I not exist? How can I even think that way? I mean, if say for example, just for an example, I died or whatever, then I must be feeling it, right? And then, even if I don't, for whatsoever reason I cannot figure out now, still, there would be other signs, wouldn't it? Like, at least, there would be panic. Some sorrow even, I expect. At least, people won't be doing dishes, cutting vegetables or tying ties the wrong way away to glory in case I have really died, right?

So, I must not have died. Not yet.

But then, and that's the main point, what the hell is going on?

But wait, I cannot afford to lose my nerves now. This is serious, and only I, if anyone, can sort this out.

I take deep breaths. It helps. It clears my head so that I can think of the next thing to do.

One… two… three….

It is just at this moment that it happens!

My phone… it starts to ring! I rush to my phone, as if I am drowning and it’s a piece of straw floating in the water. There, there’s my phone. I almost dive at it!

Ok, it’s not a call. It’s the Toastmaster’s meeting reminder… Whoa! I see to have a speech as well!

Finally… the Eureka moments strikes me. I change into work clothes and rush… I run, run and run… and I reach here.

Now guys, tell me….

Can you see me?

Project 6 - Vocal Variety
Your voice has a major effect on your audience. A lively, excited voice attracts and keeps listeners’ attention. A speaking voice should be pleasant, natural, forceful, expressive, and easily heard. Use volume, pitch, rate, and quality as well as appropriate pauses to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message. Your voice should reflect the thoughts you are presenting.
Review Your Speaking Voice (Catalog #199), which you received in your New Member Kit.
5 - 7 minutes
Use voice volume, pitch, rate, and quality to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message..

Use pauses to enhance your message.

Use vocal variety smoothly and naturally.

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(I presented this for my 6th speech in the CC journey. This one, too, fetched me a Best Speaker of the Meeting award, which makes it three in a row. Woohoo!! )