Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dhopash's Diaper Days...

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Casually, I was looking up the “Photo” and "Video" folders on my laptop, which is when I stopped upon these. Memories came rushing…

So, this was back in January, 2013. My daughter, now a full-fledged lady all of four years with her own definite says and stances, was just a year and half back then. She was tiny, very tiny, as we feel when we look back at the pictures of then, now. But then, she had this kind of composure and attitude, personality if I may say so, quite unfitting to her age. She at one and half loved to do her own things, refuse assistance from us of most kinds unless it was absolutely helplessly necessary, and used to carry herself around with a poise of an empress. She used to very rarely give in, or give up. She used to, rather, almost always make it a point to see a job, any job, to its end. Looking at her, I used to wonder quite often how a tiny tot of such miniscule size and years can look, walk and talk so confident, so very often I’d ask my mom and dad, yet again, if they remember how I used to be when I was her age. Was I any similar; was I any closely matching up in confidence, in composure? I believe a lot of us if not all would agree that this generation of kids have come a long, long way ahead of what we used to be. Thank it on technology, awareness, exposure… and yes, on some basic comfort levels too.  Really, think of it! Where would a small child’s confidence level, sense of self-worth, carefreeness be, if often in a while it’d be soiling its clothes and rushing back to its comfort zone, apprehensive and self-conscious? What if we, parents, would not find it easy to leave them free, to let them to explore, to run wild, to fly free? What if we had to worry, care and count upon always carrying extra clothes, finding changing rooms, be under the constant pressure of knowing, of being able to predict, when s/he would need our help for the routine washroom jobs? As I look at the kids today - their confidence, their courage, their zeal factor, I cannot help but wonder – are they not a lot made possible by the handy, affordable, easy solutions we have to their daily small yet essential needs?

Like, say for example, diapers! Oh, live-saving stuff for parents, I swear!

At this, I must include:
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Back to the flashback, from January 2011 – it was the 26th day of the month, to be precise. Because it was the Republic Day celebration in our society, they had organized a sit and draw for kids of all ages. Of all ages, sure, but then, who’d have thought it could range back to her of just one and a half? As you can guess, she was the youngest of the lot.

What did she do? Well, see you yourself!

Here you go:


Wait, are you thinking sitting and drawing are the only tasks she accomplished back then?

Mistake, mistake!

Here's some more proofs for you, if you insist!

Some more? Indeed, indeed! This one - HER FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL - was a year later than then. Do take a look!

Post Script: Oh yes, I promise you I’ll keep on writing about her, posting her pictures, and yes, at times like this time, her videos too! Why? Well, just look up the 5th point on my list in this post!

Enough said?

Oh no, I’m left with one last point. So...

Post, Post Script: Thank you, Pampers!!

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