Sunday, 13 July 2014

Blabber - Rituparno - 1

This is what I have been upto. Got going, and stopped myself. For the umpteenth time, since that day. To write about Rituparno, and to give up. To realise I had so much to say that I can't find enough right words.

Everytime I tried, it went in a circle. I wondered where to start, and if I could ever wrap it up? What should be my perspective, what should be the canvas. An then, gave up!

His each film, yes, just each of them, shines in the sky of the bengali celluloid grandeur. Or is it just me, exaggerating, and I must revise it to say my sky of artistic imaginations and expressions. And rights, yes. Rights.

But where I confuse and lost my way is, I see them roped by a religion called Rabindranath Tagore, in the most fantastic way, and the next minute I think of them as stars carving out the path of for a today's woman, to find her her rightful place in this big bad world. And the, it stretches.. it carves out to not just euality for woman but for human, for Human.

So, here I sit myself down again. And give it a try. Bear with me.

As just any other and most other people, I am this. A complex mix of these, and not in any particular order :

1. Loves Tagore.
2. Dreams, still.
(Yes, despite Nirbhaya, despite the 5-year old with broken glass bottles found inside the stomach.)
3. Believes in mankind. Belives in Human. Yes, inspite of point 2 above.

And funny that, in each of these three things I say above, Rituparno knew better. Hoped better, perhaps. That someday, some other day, we will live up to our rightful rights. The world will pay it's long-due dues. Someday!
..... and here, I give up yet again.

I will write on Rituparno. Someday. Yes, someday!


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